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Peyote: And Other Psychoactive Cacti
by Adam Gottlieb, Larry Todd (Illustrator), Derek Westlund (Editor)

Classic on peyote an psychoactive cacti growing. Describes obtaining seeds, growing, cloning and grafting, and extracting maximum output of mescaline and other alkaloids. Includes Peyote, San Pedro, Donana and other cacti. Discusses legal aspects with appendix from attorney Richard Glen Boire. List of Suppliers.


Psychedelics Encyclopedia
by Peter Stafford, Jeremy Bigwood, Sebastian J. Orfali (Editor)

Psychedelics Encyclopedia draws from scientific research, personal accounts, and popular literature to document the properties attributed to psychedelic substances, their preparation and use, and the shifting social attitudes toward them over the past half-century. Psychedelics Encyclopedia is a remarkable sourcebook for anyone interested in the psychological, biological, physiological and cultural aspects of psychedelic drugs. A fascinating historical reference on
psychedelic, psychoactive mushrooms, the MDA cluster, yage and harmaline, ibogaine, short-acting tryptamines (DMT, DET, DPT), nootropics, and other psychoactive substances. Each is treated with respect to its history, botany, pharmacology, physical effects, mental effects, forms, sources, purity tests,. Included are biographies, updates, and bibliographies for further research and studies. Psychedelics Encyclopedia is the seminal reference work.


Mushrooms: Psychedelic Fungi
(Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs. Series 1)

by Peter E. Furst

An invaluable resource for schools and libraries-- The most comprehensive reference source on drugs ever published-- Written primarily by doctors and scientists-- Explores the impact of drug use -- and abuse -- on our culture, the workplace, the family, and the individual-- Each volume contains a directory of drug treatment agencies
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